10 tips to defeat impostor syndrome in the workplace


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Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you feel like you don’t deserve the authority you’ve been given? Or, do you work with someone who you think might be feeling this way?

Many smart, successful individuals struggle with unwarranted insecurities. In fact, over 70 percent of workers face this plight, according to Inc. Magazine.

While outsiders see their strengths as clear as day, individuals with “impostor syndrome” doubt their own merit and worth.

Whether you’re dealing with your own feelings of fraudulence, or you’re a leader who recognizes signs of impostor syndrome in a team member, here’s how to contend with this stifling predicament.

Address your own feelings of impostor syndrome

As a leader, it’s crucial for you to set a positive example for your team. Unfortunately, if you’re struggling with impostor syndrome, there’s a chance you’re overcompensating by setting standards impossibly high for yourself and others.

That can unintentionally create a culture or environment where workers feel nothing is ever quite good enough. You’re likely doing this to prove something to yourself due to your feelings of inadequacy.

Follow these seven steps if you think impostor syndrome may be getting the best of you:

1. Recognize what’s happening

If you go home each day

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