23 Tips to Boost Employee Adoption of Consumer Directed Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts

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It’s no surprise that research has found employees tend to delay or disengage from decisions they view as difficult and complex. In the 1980s, the struggle among employees was 401(k) adoption, even though it was the most practical retirement financial tool in the market. These days, the challenge is centered on consumer directed health plans (CDHPs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). HSAs provide the best value for both savers and spenders—and can be the tool to help employees take more control of healthcare decisions while helping them save money today on taxes and setting them up with a cushion for future healthcare costs in retirement.

Employers are key to building employee understanding of CDHPs and HSAs so they’re equipped to make the right decisions at enrollment time.

Here are 23 tips that all HR professionals and benefits specialists need to know to help employees adopt a CDHP with an HSA—and love it!

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  1. Start by educating company leadership—they need to be ambassadors for these important benefits.
  2. Take the time to educate all employees on the advantages of CDHPs and HSAs. Use plain language that will be meaningful to them, and provide definitions to terms that might be unfamiliar.
  3. Whether you are fully converting to
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