3 S’s of cubicle etiquette: How to thrive in close quarters


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In an era when the corner office has gone the way of the dodo bird, cubicle etiquette has become a hot topic. Companies of all sizes are increasingly opting for open work environments that cost less to build out while maximizing real estate.

Whether your business uses partitioned cubicles or wide-open workspaces and shared desks, chances are your employees have only a small area they can call their own. And they’ve likely got coworkers in close proximity all day.

Theoretically, such spaces are meant to foster collaboration and break down barriers that hamper creativity and productivity. But a lack of walls also means a lack of privacy, which can lead to employee frustration and difficulties concentrating.

While more cost-effective than the walled offices of yore, open office designs can lend themselves to lower productivity and some potentially awkward or difficult employee interactions if not properly managed. Everything from cube décor to noise levels and smells can have an impact on other people’s comfort and performance.

That’s where a cubicle etiquette policy becomes essential.

Think of it as an extension of a professional code of conduct or a dress code policy. You want to establish guidelines that allow your team to work in a shared office

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