4 Touch Topics You Need to Start Discussing During the Hiring Process

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Company scandals have been filling the headlines lately. As a result, jobseekers are more concerned about a company’s values. They want to work for an employer that aligns with what they believe is just and right.

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In February, my company, StartMonday, conducted a survey of 750 employees in the retail and hospitality industries. We found that 36% of candidates feel a company’s reputation is important when deciding where to work. So, during the hiring process, they look for signs that a company might let them down on a moral or ethical level.

If you want to reach these jobseekers and earn their confidence, you need to be prepared to discuss some difficult subjects. They want to know how you deal with these issues so they can determine whether or not the company values align with their own.

Here are four sensitive topics you need to be willing to explore during the hiring process:


All workplaces should be built on respect. Unfortunately, not all of them are. Job candidates use the hiring process to gauge if they would be respected at an organization. If they feel they are being strung along or ignored, they’ll move on to another company.


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