4 updates from letter-writers (the office supplies, the delayed honeymoon, and more)


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Here are four updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past.

1. Will my taste in office supplies seem weird or unprofessional?

I’ve spent a lot of hours now going through the responses on your post about my unique supplies, and wow!!! They all made me smile!!! I’m so happy that everyone thought my taste is (at least somewhat) acceptable, and I’m frankly amazed that we got the sloth pencil case to sell out! (At least, there’s a correlation there!)

I’d like to clear up a couple things I saw repeatedly in the comments:

1. Dad doesn’t work in a really stuffy office. He actually doesn’t work in any office; he’s a railroad engineer! I knew from the beginning that his advice was out of touch at minimum, but I wanted to get a perspective from someone who knew for sure about this sort of thing.

2. The reason he called my school “weird” is because… well, it’s a little weird. It’s a tiny women’s college in the middle of nowhere that has an insane amount of direct faculty support for students, has a ton of formerly stray cats who live on campus (who are neutered and vaccinated!), and they do

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