5 Common Lies You Should Quickly Remove From Your Resume


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Lying on resume is the easiest effort any job applicant can make to stand out from the pack, but the biggest to handle. In the real sense, we simply stretch the truth a bit to make it mild and inflate our chances without really acknowledging we are lying on resume. Regardless of how mild the exaggeration on your resume is, the result can cause a damage you would rarely be able to repair when you lie on your resume.

With a little experience and picture of lying on the resume legal consequences, you may want to ask: should I lie on my resume? While the answer is a capital NO, there are common white lies you must take note of. Enhancing the quality of your resume may involve including some resume action words but you cannot go beyond reality doing so. Your ultimate goal is to remain completely honest presenting yourself in the best light.

To be sure that you are not including fiction, consider spotting and removing these five common white lies from your resume.

1. Modifying your job title

Hiring managers are now aware that most candidates would prefer to inflate their job titles. For instance, stating “associate” position when you actually

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