5 Key Benefits Trends for 2019

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In 2019, HR managers will be utilizing deep data insights into how employees use their existing benefits to create the most robust package in order to attract and retain talent. Technological solutions will also be a major player in 2019.

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The top benefits trends to watch out for in 2019 are:

Deeper Organizational Analytics

The first major trend to pay attention to is a shift in how employers are recording and keeping track of employee data. Broad-stroke categorizations of employee groups like Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z are no longer enough to shape benefits packages effectively.

HR managers are shifting their focus to not only monitoring benefits utilization but also keeping tabs on individual employee preferences throughout the year. E-mail tracking, benefits utilization rates, anonymous surveys, and VOIs are examples of how employers are wielding data to make the smartest decisions they can about benefits offerings in 2019.

Personalized Benefits Offerings

As a consequence of deeper insights into employee wants and habits, employers are shifting their focus away from blanket benefits solutions to more personalized options.

For younger employees, that may mean student loan reimbursement in lieu of a retirement plan. For older employees, educational resources around planning for retirement

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