5 Reasons to Hire Someone Who Is Unemployed

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Have you ever received a job application from someone who isn’t currently working? Were you quick to move it to the bottom of the pile? Be honest.

It’s ok to admit that we’re biased. We are biased; it’s human nature. It’s easy to continue doing the things we’re familiar with. It’s easy to stay in the comfort zone.

The best way to change our mindset, and start doing something different, is to realize that’s in our best interests to do so. For example, convincing leaders that diverse companies perform better—they do, by the way—is a very compelling argument to build a diverse company, much more so that doing it for compliance reasons, which becomes a statistics game.

So, rather than appealing to your sense of duty, I’m going to make a case that hiring someone who is unemployed can be a good thing for your company. Here are five reasons you should seriously consider an application from someone who isn’t currently employed by another company.

#1 – They Are Hungry

Not having a safety net tends to sharpen our instincts. We become more determined than ever because the alternative is bleak. Determination is a great attribute in a new team member. Give me someone hungry any day.


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