5 ways to become the optimistic leader your team wants


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Do you think of yourself as an optimistic person? What about an optimistic leader?

Although optimistic people do have a “glass half full” outlook on life, optimistic leaders have more than the ability to view life through rose-colored lenses.

Being an optimistic leader is not about rainbows and roses, blind optimism or going wherever the wind blows and believing that everything will work itself out. Instead, it’s an intelligent approach to reframing how you think about business.

Optimistic leaders aren’t necessarily the perkiest people in the room – they aren’t going to gloss over issues or sweep them under the rug in an effort to be Pollyanna-esque at all costs. But they exhibit a different way of thinking about work (and executing it) to make their teams the best they can be.       

Traits shared by optimistic leaders

Many of the traits inherent to an optimistic mindset are shared by great leaders – and may be part of what makes them great in the first place. Those traits include:

  • Open-minded and focused on opportunities: Optimistic leaders aren’t afraid to take risks. Their attitude is likely to be, “What can we do? We can all do more; together we become the best.”
  • Willingness to embrace new
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