7 Reasons to Stay at Airbnb or HomeAway (or Anything Other than a Hotel)


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While I& wouldn’t call myself a road warrior, I do travel a bit more than the average person. In 2018 I slept in 9 different countries, sometimes in hotels and sometimes in vacation rentals–usually through Airbnb. While I do love the housekeeping services that come with hotels, apartment rentals usually win out for me. So, when I saw& 7 reasons I’d choose a hotel over Airbnb any day, by Laura McCamy, I thought it deserved a response. So, here it goes.

1. Traveling with kids? Airbnb& gives you space and beds.

Most of my travel is with the offspring, and while they are old enough to not be watched every second of the day, they are also young enough that they still bicker with each other over ridiculous things. Most hotel rooms (especially in Europe) won’t sleep four, even with a roll-away bed, so you have to get two rooms. But, with an apartment rental, I can pick a place with enough beds, a couch, and a kitchen. That way, when everyone’s done for the day there is space to hang out, you can eat breakfast in the kitchen, and I don’t have to beg for extra blankets.

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