​8+Must-Try Tool and Apps for Smart and Productive Entrepreneurs


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​8+Must-Try Tool and Apps for Smart and Productive Entrepreneurs

The current world of business that we are part of, it is very competitive to survive as an entrepreneur while using vague services. The basics that every entrepreneur tries to struggle with everyday revolve around transactions that are recorded.

The current world is digitized, and the transitions of business from face to face into the digital platform has not only made work easier for the entrepreneurs but has forced the need for tools to handle digital documents. You can also hire professional services online, such as document typing services.

1) Google Docs

The most common tool that serves every person starting a business is the google documents application also known as Google Docs. It is a very flexible platform that aims to provide a means of typing documents online with ease and at the same time being affordable for any startup business. The use of the google docs application has penetrated every business, and it is continuously being upgraded to suit the needs of both big and small business.

When using the google documents app, the typist does not incur a lot of expenses but rather need excellent computer literacy. On the google platform, you are required to have an internet connection and having signed up on the site; you can access your documents anywhere. The google document application allows a document typist to edit, create, store and manipulate documents in a different form such as word, excel, and spreadsheets.


Dropbox is a smart application that can be used by an entrepreneur to store his files more securely with an ample storage space. Dropbox use is efficient since you don’t have to worry about your documents and at the same time, you can share your documents with colleagues. The range of items that can be saved in Dropbox are videos, photos, and documents.

When accessing a Dropbox account, you need to have signed up to the website platform and have access to the internet. There are simple computer skills to use with Dropbox, and it can be accessed anywhere with internet connection. For an entrepreneur typing a document online, the document can be saved on Dropbox and sent to other people.


IFTTT is another valuable tool for an entrepreneur to have that simplifies almost all the communication regarding a particular topic. As an entrepreneur, you would find that you have a workload that hinders you from accessing your social communication channels. IFTTT helps you by allowing you to manage all the changes that occur to your accounts under one platform.

After signing up to the IFTTT website, you are required to set a coinciding group of conditional statements. IFTTT manages and alerts you to any changes that relate to your statement on the selected websites. As an entrepreneur, you would be able to monitor your products and company on IFTTT.

4) Upwork

There is always a growing need to look for professional s to help you on certain subjects in your future business. Up work is a good platform that can be used to hire professional in your daily activities such as data entry. The platform offers a variety of services, and it is a well-recommended platform.

The requirements for seeking the services of professionals in the Upwork include signing up and accepting the terms of service of the site. You are then able to choose different freelancers such as document typist from the range of people registered as workers on the site. The quality of the services is assured, and the rates are reasonable.


Another must have tools that will help you in managing your finances is Mint. The application is a virtual assistant that helps you keep track of your transactions, pay your bills and tracking your credit score. The ability to keep an eye on your finances is very vital as you will be able to plan for your future investments.

When signing up on the mint website, it is free, and you will only need to accept the terms of service. Mint has helped entrepreneurs by it being up to date and providing information on the current trends in business with ease.

6) Wunderlist

The work that revolves around the daily activities of an entrepreneur involves using document typist to write plans for different periods. Wunderlist is a tool that can be used to perform the work of a task manager. When using the Wunder online platform, you can plan for events online and at the same time sharing your ideas with other people.


This app comes in handy where you are on a trip or vacation and need to handle some business with your team. It offers a face-to-face contact for team members and is ideal for video conferencing.


Are you having difficulties in organizing your work? You should consider using the Trello app. In the app, you have a board with cards where you add the different tasks that you would like to attend to.

9) Slack

Using slack, you can organize chats by topics. You also have the option directly messaging an individual. You can search for any content within a conversation, from files to people. You can also look for the conversation itself.

In addition to this, it also integrates with other services, such as Google Docs, Runscope, etc.


In the current digital world where most transactions and advertising is done on an online platform, Mention is must have tool for any entrepreneur who wants to be on toes with the business world. The mention application is a simple to social media automation that will keep track of all the online content about your competitors and your online presence.

All the tools that an entrepreneur need involve applications that require an internet connection and access to specific websites. The aim of the smart and productive applications and tools is to create a competitive business environment and an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to participate in the simple online platforms activities such as document typing.

It is important to note that many tools and applications can be used to bring success to any future business.

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