A framework for understanding the future of work

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Posted by John Hagel III and Jeff Schwartz on September 27, 2017.

In a recent issue of Deloitte Review, John Hagel, Jeff Schwartz, and Josh Bersin suggest a framework for understanding the future of work and its implications for individuals, organizations, and governments. HR Times caught up with John and Jeff to hear more about the framework and how HR leaders and professionals can apply it.

HR Times: How did the framework come about? What led you to create it?

John Hagel: We were seeing more and more discussion of the future of work, from mass media to conferences and from corporate boardrooms to lunchrooms. We were struck by how very fragmented the discussions were. People would zero in on one aspect and view that as the whole future of work. Our sense was that they were losing the interdependencies, and that to really understand the future of work and the opportunities it presents, you need to view it holistically, not in fragments. We were also struck by how much the discussion was dominated by fear: ‘Robots are going to steal our jobs.’ Our view is that, while it’s certainly a challenge, there’s actually enormous opportunity,

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