Allowing Remote Work: What NOT to Do

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As more and more indications are found that employees value the opportunity for flexible scheduling and remote work, employers are finding the need to handle these benefits effectively. While some employers have allowed remote work for years, others are new to the game and finding that there are a lot of potential pitfalls to avoid.

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Let’s take a look at some of the things employers should be careful NOT to do when managing employees who work remotely. Employers should not:

  • Overlook remote employees for opportunities. Just because an employee is not at the same work site as the person evaluating the team doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Train managers to be sure to give equal consideration.
  • Assume employees working from home will be less productive. There are plenty of reasons to actually assume that remote workers will be more, not less, productive than if they worked at the employer’s worksite. But the myth still persists that if someone is out of sight, they may be inclined to work as little as possible. The easy way around this is to measure productivity and output just as you would for any other employee, without making assumptions.
  • Assume that if a
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