An HR’s Guide: How to Manage Remote Employees?


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With the number of remote workers on the rise due to new technologies, more companies are beginning to offer remote opportunities as a means of promoting talent acquisition, retention, work flexibility and above all, less operational cost. But some companies are still skeptical about this style of workforce management, mostly those without ideas on how to manage remote employees. The mention of an effort to manage remote workers sends a chill down the spines of management in fear of losing productivity. In the real context, remote working requires one to be disciplined and some efforts from the employer to keep some balances for maximum efficiency.


This article will provide a brief guide on how to manage remote employees and what makes remote working efficient.


Effective communication

Managing remote employees requires every employer to communicate clearly since remote workers are out of sight. It is a very good idea to use visual communication if possible, depending on the task you are delegating. Screenshots or screen sharing and the use of diagrams will be useful in your communication and often spend a few minutes to chat with them after meetings.


Set clear expectations – make their goals clear

There is a need to have

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