Answers to 6 FAQs About Fringe Benefits

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Fringe Benefits are confusing. What exactly is a fringe benefit? Are they all taxable? Are they the same from company to company? Fringe benefits are the large range of work perks you enjoy in addition to your salary. For employees and employers in the 21st-century, fringe benefits are becoming better incentives than just salary-based compensation alone. Let’s break down some of the most frequently asked questions to better understand the world of fringe benefits– and why they are so crucial.

1. What qualifies as a fringe benefit?

The short answer: a lot. Any benefit that your company provides– from a company car and gym memberships to that office fridge full of La Croix– can qualify as a fringe benefit. Fringe benefits are any type of company ‘perk’ that is given to an employee apart from their pay. The longer answer is that, more casually, standard benefits include health and dental insurance as well as vacation time or flexible work arrangements. Fringe benefits are seen more as the added perks to sweeten the deal, and they can vary immensely from company to company. 

2. What can be included in my fringe benefits package?

Depending on your employer, fringe benefits packages can include any variety of

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