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Today’s reader note is about a company that’s doing something really nice for employees and ends up with a huge dilemma on their hands.

Our company takes all employees (along with their family, significant other, friend, etc.) to Disney for the weekend. We cover hotel, park tickets, meals, a company meeting, and airfare. While this is not a mandatory event, we hope all employees will attend. (Last year almost 80 percent of all employees joined us). The employee buys their own airfare and we reimburse them. All other expenses are paid directly by the company.

Situation: An employee has resigned right before the trip and therefore, will not be going. But they’ve already been reimbursed for airfare purchased.

Since the tickets cannot be transferred to the company, still have value to the employee (less any change fee), we feel it is appropriate to recapture the reimbursed airfare from the employee. They voluntarily decided to leave the company and have an asset.Are we within our rights? Thanks.

Unfortunately, we don’t know from the reader note if there are any policies or procedures in place that might address this issue. But I do think this raises some questions about offboarding. To help us understand the nuances

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