can I call an employer back with additional questions about why I was rejected?


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A reader writes:

I had a job interview a while ago for a position I did not get (I am a health and safety professional and at the time had been working for an international mining company, for 3.5 years at a field site and 3 years at the corporate office). I was invited to a screening interview which was only 10 minutes in length, where a few HR people sat with me and asked a few very vague questions to “get to know me” without even really telling me much about the job (e.g., tell me a little about yourself, why are you interested in this job, do you have any questions for us, what are your salary expectations). They told me that there had been over 200 applicants for the job and they were only conducting the screening interviews with the top four. When they told me a week later that I was not being invited back for a full interview, I called to inquire why. I was told by the recruiter that they really liked me but they were looking for someone with more “field experience.” I accepted this answer and thanked them for their time.

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