can I warn people about my horrible boss?


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A reader writes:

The year before I started law school, I worked for a lawyer who was a solo practitioner. I was a legal assistant (she referred to me as an “administrative assistant” on payroll, but as a “paralegal” when billing clients for my time).

Highlights: she threw binders at me and the other assistant (they always landed next to us, but still), screamed and yelled constantly, belittled us personally, screamed at us in front of other lawyers, asked inappropriate personal questions (“do you prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises?”), and invaded personal space (she used to lean over my shoulder, yell, and pound her fist on my desk when she was angry). Once, she sent my coworker to a hospital with a demand letter — we told her several times the hospital was part of a multi-state chain, and the local one was not where their legal department was and therefore not where you send a demand letter. The hospital staff refused to accept the letter, so my boss screamed at my coworker to leave the documents containing our client’s privileged health info on the hospital doorstep.

My first week, I went to file something with a clerk in a judge’s office, and

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