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Recruiting / Employee Engagement - 4 months ago

Do Office Chairs Stifle Creativity?

Imagine an office without chairs? Impossible! Chairs are an integral part of any workplace. And it has been shown that the average worker spends about eight hours in their chair every working day. This has given rise to many innovations to make offi...

Recruiting / Employee Engagement - 5 months ago

5 Ideal Steps to Demote an Employee

How do you demote an employee you hope would remain with the company? Everyone talks about a promotion at work, certainly not a demotion. Most times, demoted employees take things personal due to how infrequent demotion is in our workplaces. Demoting...

Recruiting / Employee Engagement - 6 months ago

When You Have To Say No To Your Boss

Most employees are very accommodating with various requests from their bosses. They do not just go beyond their task borders to ensure efficiency but interfere with family functions to be available when needed. However, there is when to say no to yo...