Corporate click-bait: How to get (and keep) the attention of your organization

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Posted by Eileen Fernandes, Caroline Tickler, Katharine Caputo, Danielle John, and Rebecca Perez on August 17, 2018.

Trending topics. Live video. Chatbots. Streaming entertainment. Augmented reality. Social media activism. Our world keeps changing faster, which means we are constantly adapting to new realities. How can organizations compete for the attention of their employees in a click-bait society? Not by fighting the changes, but by embracing them. Start by considering these six key communications shifts happening across organizations.

Thinking through and addressing the implications of constant, often disruptive, evolution has become a primary focus area for all of us pondering the future of work. How we communicate is a big part of this. Many of us readily adopt new technologies and new ways of communicating at a fast rate in our personal lives. What happens when we integrate our personal communication tendencies into the workplace?

Communications play an integral role in how we effectively engage employees. Adjusting communications strategies and technologies to be more in sync with the times is essential not only to meet employee (and customer) expectations but also to support the organization in being more digital, efficient, and adaptable overall.

Consider how

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