Could your HR paperwork let you down?


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A recent court case has highlighted the importance of having a reliable system for managing and storing important people-related paperwork.

In the case of Tenon V Cawley, the employer alleged that Miss Cawley, a member of its senior management team, was in breach of restrictive convenants in her contract of employment. When the case came to court, however, the company was unable to produce a copy of any signed contract, or evidence to support its claims that various updated and amended contracts had been issued over the years.

The judge dismissed the case and urged employers to ensure that all staff have signed contracts and that ‘adequate documentation’ of conversations relating to contracts are placed on employees personnel files.

Of course contracts of employment are not the only type of paperwork that can trip employers up. How sure are you that your employees’ right to work paperwork is up-to-date, for example, or that requests and approvals for remote or flexible working can be easily found should you need them?

Here’s how a software system like Cezanne HR can help you make sure there are no nasty surprises lurking should some kind of dispute or legal action arise:

Key date reminders

Important dates, such as visa or

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