Dear Home Office, We’re Through

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This is the first installment in a series called Breakup Letters. Each article features a firsthand point of view of someone breaking up with some aspect of work or professional life.

Dearest home office,

The time has come to end our relationship.

You’ve been there for me through the thick and thin. The endless nights of working late on projects. The early 2am calls with my client’s IT team over in Germany. And, yes, you’ve even been there for me while I was sick with a 100+ degree fever and had to make that deadline.

But that’s all over now. I’m breaking up with you.

I’m moving on to a better place. A place that I can use solely for work. A place where I can have that real face time with my co-workers. A place where I can leave those late night projects until the next day. An actual office, not a converted craft room — which is really what you are and were meant to be.

There are a lot of reasons I had to leave you, but here are the main ones.breakup-letters-workplace

You’re too clingy.

Home office, you need to get a life. Your attitude for stalking me at all hours of the day and

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