Disaster recovery planning: 5 tips to prepare for a crisis


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When a crisis hits, whether it’s a natural disaster or workplace violence, being proactive in your disaster recovery planning is vital.

Having a strategy in place before the unexpected happens will enable you to respond with a well-thought-out plan of action and get your people and your company back to business as soon as possible.

Here are five keys to building a solid business disaster recovery plan.

1. People first

When a disaster hits, your first concern may be how to keep your business running as normal as possible.

What projects might suffer? How are you going to keep the workflow moving? How much money might be at stake while you’re trying to get back up to speed?

Although it makes perfect sense to be worried about these things, the truth is your top priority needs to be how your employees have fared and what they need.

The business can wait. So, what should you do first?

  • Have your employees’ contact information readily available and updated.
  • Contact them as soon as possible, and find out if they’re safe and accounted for.
  • Let them know that the company cares about them, and be willing to allow for special accommodations, such as remote work and flexible hours.
  • Check in with them on a
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