do I wear too much black at work?


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A reader writes:

My current office’s dress code is business casual, and I wear black, knee-length dresses almost every day. I typically wear a neutral, light colored cardigan with the dress, and I always have a navy or black blazer on hand in case I need to step up the look unexpectedly. I don’t wear bright colors because I don’t like how I look in them.

My coworkers usually make snide comments about my clothes like “there goes Morticia, wearing all black again,” and it’s getting to me. My makeup, hair, and jewelry are tasteful and in line with what others in my office wear, so I can’t understand where this is coming from. Its not like I’m a walking Hot Topic advertisement—I just like professional looking black dresses. These comments come every day, though, and I’ve even overheard people gossiping about me and taking bets on what I will wear to off-site work functions because I wear a lot of black in the office.

The culture at my company has gotten so bad that I have gone home and cried almost every day for the past month. I am actively applying out, but I’m also worried my attire is a professional blind

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