Do you have this Wardrobe for Boss Essentials?

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No matter what kind of office environment you have, be it casual or traditional, a working wardrobe for boss is extremely essential. A female boss in today’s times needs to show where she stands. She has to portray herself as someone who will not be taken for a ride by the people around her, be they her employees, the directors or her customers/clients. Apart from having a slightly (but not too) bossy an attitude, another way of making one’s presence felt and seen, is by wearing the right things at work. Dress in clothes that show a sense of dominance, and more importantly, “Dress to Impress” must needs be one’s motto. Also, remember that good stylish clothes alone are sufficient, but, if you wear add-ons and accessories they must match and look elegant at the same time. So if it’s one word you are looking for to dress as a boss it’s ‘Elegance’. Lastly, mixing with the other ladies within the office premises is avoidable. Thus, one must both, dress and behave, with poise and elegance.

5 Wardrobe for Boss Essentials

1. Great Blazer (long or cropped, black or white- doesn’t matter)

Every boss dons a blazer or coat. What you need to perhaps

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