Employee Retention is Everyone’s Responsibility

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I came across this article recently on Undercover Recruiter titled, “Why Employee Retention Should Be a Talent Acquisition Responsibility”. It’s a good read worth checking out. My takeaway was that talent acquisition professionals play a role in employee retention. They do this by designing a good hiring process. One that accurately reflects the culture of the organization. And selecting candidates that will fit with the company culture. Lastly, they make sure the transition from candidate to employee is a smooth one.

But let’s be clear. Talent acquisition professionals aren’t the only ones responsible for employee retention. Everyone in the organization plays a role in employee retention. Let me repeat that. Everyone has responsibility for employee retention. From the manager who coaches the employee to the co-workers who work with employee to the customers that the employee interacts with. They all play a part in whether the employee stays with the company or goes.

Organizations are very focused on employee retention right now. As they should be. Turnover is expensive both in terms of hard costs as well as the drain on morale and productivity. There are some things that organizations can do to help everyone understand their role in employee retention.

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