employer stole the work sample I created for an interview, coworker uses an offensive word, and more


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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. Employer is using the work sample I created for my interview

A couple months ago, I went for an interview for a graphic design job in a small start-up. They asked me to come up with a logo for a publication to see where my skills were at and then they would compare it to the one they had made. I willingly did this and sent it back on the Friday when it was due the following Tuesday. Monday evening they get back to me, saying they didn’t like it and want me to “take another stab at it,” keeping the original due date of Tuesday morning. so once again I did, being very frustrated as I still had a part-time evening job. They liked the new one I sent and I ended up getting the job.

The past two months I’ve had minimal contact with them as they haven’t had any work to send me (so I haven’t gotten any pay from them yet). All of a sudden they tell me they’re using the logo I made for my test but I still won’t be paid for it.

My main question is can

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