Everything #HR Needs to Know About Artificial Intelligence

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art, surreal art, artificial intelligence, HR, Human Resources, technology, hr bartender, ultimate softwareOver the past few months, we’ve talked about chatbots and machine learning. It only seems logical that we should have a discussion about artificial intelligence (also known as AI). While these terms are often used in the same sentence, the more I learn, the more I realize that there are subtle nuances in each.

Many human resources departments are looking at these approaches to scale their efforts and bring consistency to their activity. While HR isn’t going to have to do the programming, they do need to know enough to guide the conversation and make decisions about what’s best for the company.

To help us understand more about artificial intelligence, I reached out to Armen Berjikly, senior director of strategy at Ultimate Software, where his expertise in human-computer interaction drives Ultimate’s transformative artificial intelligence platform and direction. I’m thrilled that Armen agreed to share his knowledge with us.

Let’s start with a definition. What is artificial intelligence (AI)? And how does it differ from concepts like emotional intelligence (EI)?

[Berjikly] First, AI is an approach, not a specific skill. There’s a professor at Georgia Tech named Charles Isbell who has a fun way of defining AI: ‘making computers act like they do in movies.’

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