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A reader recently left me a note that I wanted to share:

A lot of people, including myself, struggle when it comes to “me” time. All of a sudden, I feel guilty because I know I could be doing something productive. And when I have a lot on my plate, that free time is somehow poisoned with guilt, and it’s not even worth it. So, I go on until I’m all burnt out and then I need a break. What advice would you give to someone who feels everything in their schedule is a priority?

I can totally relate to this comment. In today’s fast-paced business environment managing work and home demands can be a challenge. Then add to it our technology driven society and the need to “always be “on” and it can lead to loss of balance and guilt and burnout.

I will admit, I don’t have all the answers to balance here. But there are a few things that I do (or that I try to do) to help reduce the negative self-talk and guilt. The first thing is that I try to create a perfect morning routine. At least, my version of perfect. I’ve always said that the rest of my day is out of my control, but I can usually control my morning, so I’ll make it what I want it to be.

If you like that idea, I recently read an article over on Michael Hyatt’s blog titled “What You Do Right Before Bed Determines How Productive and Focused You’ll Be Tomorrow” and it focuses on developing an evening routine. I could get into this concept very much. My perfect evening routine involves tea. 

Regular readers of HR Bartender know a couple of years ago, I took Arianna Huffington’s online “Thrive” course. She provided some great insights about how

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