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  • Alternative phone order process is available

A magazine that provides hard-hitting articles regarding the state of the world’s economy probably doesn’t need to make any special offers just to get people to read.  However, regardless of whether or not it is needed, a FREE magazine is exactly what The Economist is now offering to potential readers.  Those who can’t possibly turn down such a lucrative deal can begin the offer redemption process by going to the Free Economist page and filling out an online form with a name, email address, and telephone number.  It should be noted that prior to hitting the Claim Your Free Copy button a couple of boxes must be checked.  The first box when checked agrees to the The Economist Group’s Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Arbitration Agreement and gives permission to be contacted about new features, events, and special offers.  The second box agrees that The Economist and its sales agents can call and text to the phone number provided regarding the request for a free issue of The Economist and also provides consent to telemarketing sales calls.

What else should I know about getting my free issue?

  • Customers must have
Read from paralegal occupation