Going Global to Combat Your Talent Shortage

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If you ask executives what worries them most about the future of their company, many will say they are preparing for a global talent shortage. Executives and human resource departments have already noticed a shortage of employees in sectors such as engineering, sales, marketing and management, and are looking for ways to combat the lack of highly skilled candidates.

As companies grow, incorporate new technologies and expand globally, they need workers who can rapidly adapt to change and who have the necessary skills to succeed and grow in a global business environment. Going global with your HR and recruiting methods can be the key to filling positions with the right people.

Here are two ways language flexibility can help address your talent shortage.

Improve Employee Experience to Retain and Recruit from Your Current Employees

Companies around the world are starting to make room in their business strategies, C-suite and company culture for the idea of employee experience (EX). Organizations that implement employee-focused initiatives see huge returns: more satisfied customers, higher sales, and involved and enthusiastic employees.

Companies that know their employees are equally as important as their customers see benefits across the board. Forrester’s Predictions 2018 report says that “customer-obsessed companies grow their revenues faster

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