​Here is What You Did Not Know about LinkedIn

Career Strategy

by Md Anisur Rahman 304 Views 0

​Here is What You Did Not Know about LinkedIn

Career Strategy

by Md Anisur Rahman 304 Views 0

Any platform takes time to figure out and the same applies to LinkedIn. We have somewhat of an overall idea of what we can do on this tool, but there might be some features you do not know about. These features are going to help you personalize your experience and your profile. We already know that it is a great tool for professionals to network. It is also used by job seekers to and employers to connect.

It offers a lot of privacy to the users and your profile needs to only be as public as you like it to be. LinkedIn optimization service inline expert help is available to all the users. Not everyone needs the same types of features or services, so you have to custom select the ones you want to use. Here is a list of things you might not know about LinkedIn.

Limits have changed

When you sign up to LinkedIn, you receive a limited amount of invites you can send to other users. It used to be 3000 invites per member, but this rule has changed. This is great news for those trying to connect with as many people as possible. As time goes on, your network grows on this platform and it would be a shame if your limit has been reached. Always use the LinkedIn optimization service to set up your page that attracts the right kinds of connects.

You can remove connects

Sometimes we run into people on social media that we just don’t want to be connected with anymore. You may not know that there is a way you can easily get rid of those people who spam you or you are not interested in networking with anymore. Simply go to the users profile and click on the dots next to the picture of the user. You will see the option to remove connect. It’s pretty simple and you can continue to enjoy the platform with people you want to connect with.

Hiding posts

We have a host of different people on our profiles and what is meant for a set amount of people’s eye might not be for others. This can be easily resolved on LinkedIn by simply hiding a single post or all your updates to just one or more users. On your post you will see there are three dots. Click on this link and look for the “hide this post” option. This is the same place you can unfollow certain people, which might be beneficial if you are trying to hide posts from them.

Show premium membership

There are a few benefits to joining LinkedIn’s premium option. You can decide if you want to show this status or not. It might be beneficial to show your status, because it does show your network base that you mean business. Also, no one will invest in a premium membership if they did not want to seriously use this platform. On the right side of your profile picture, you will see a pencil icon. Click on that and simply tick or untick where it says “Premium Profile Badge”. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your page, the decision is purely up to you.

You’re being watched

When an employer registers for the premium package, your profile might be watched without you knowing. With the premium membership, job hunters can ask to view your profile anonymously. This is why you have to make sure that your page is always up to date. LinkedIn profile optimization is so important to use if you want to show your skills and not the lack thereof. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you receive a lot of communication from recruiters without knowing that your profile has been checked out.

Images matter

Although this is not your typical social media platform, having a good photo on there does make a difference. You are not going to add your drunken pics from the last vacation, but you also don’t want a bare profile. Go for a good headshot and you should receive some invitations soon.


LinkedIn is a great platform and has many benefits for a host of people. You need to determine what your goal is before joining. This is going to help you to customize your profile to hit those goals. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the tool and all the features it offers. Once you are happy with your profile, start connecting with people in your industry. This is like attending an industry event without leaving your house.