How to find out why your people are really leaving


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A fascinating article in this month’s Human Resource Executive looks at how American fast food chain Taco Bell has tackled a crippling staff turnover issue.

Working with consultancy Mercer, Taco Bell embarked on what is described as an “analytics fuelled mission” to get to the bottom of why people were leaving – and what the business needed to do to encourage them to stay.

Of course, Taco Bell is a huge organisation and was able to access specialist expertise to support its deep dive into the facts and stats.  But the way it used its data, and the lessons it was able to draw from it, are applicable to any business trying to find answers as to why people are leaving.

Work with the data you already have

Any business with an HR software system already has access to a wealth of data.  There will be stats about length of tenure, career progression, performance, training, pay and benefits, to name just a few.  The problem is that this information is often held in silos and no-one attempts to join the dots.  Bring all the data together, however, and you will find it tells a story, or at the very least will provide a few

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