How to Introduce Yourself on the First Day at Work


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It is always difficult to introduce yourself on the first day at work regardless of the company size. Whether it’s a company of five or fifty employees, feelings from the unfamiliar environment and people will always take some of your balance. Though this is always the case, knowing how to introduce yourself at a new job is important towards developing a cordial work relationship with your new colleagues and the level of professionalism you would be set to attain. Handling your first-day-at-work jitters properly is very important here.

However, your hiring manager may initiate the process. But what follows are in your hands to manage. Albeit, you need to find out if a meeting or email introducing you would be initiated by your supervisor or the human resources department. If yes, fine. Otherwise, it’s in your hands to establish the ways to introduce yourself as a new colleague.

Below are important tips for introducing yourself at a new job.

Ask for a round of introductions

If your supervisor is the only one you know, don’t be afraid to ask for a round of introduction to know if he can lead the introduction to your new colleagues. Don’t sound like you are making a demand

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