HR and Talent Acquisition Trends: The Future Is Now

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Start with the end in sight. It’s recognizable business advice, but what does it mean for HR executives in terms of successfully advancing the corporate agenda? Creating a company culture that promotes high performance, accountability, and diversity; utilizes analytics and exceptional communication; and results in a top 10 stock performance, or the equivalent, is a worthy and lofty goal.


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It Starts with Talent Acquisition

As with many high-impact areas of an organization, people look to how others have done it and try to follow the leader in these efforts rather than get creative or take a risk on a new path. As a result, recruitment looks alike from one online ad to another, and from one job description to the next.

None are distinctive or suggest what’s actually under the hood—except for those very few that are taking advantage of video or creating job descriptions that are crafted as invitations to join the firm, outlining what to expect in terms of organizational expectations and norms. Increasingly, organizations ask applicants for not only skills and experience but also three-dimensional personal attributes that will support the new hire’s success. With a 50% failure rate in new hires, isn’t it time

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