I don’t want to become the office secretary


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A reader writes:

I work at a large educational institution, and have a job that directly serves and faces students. I love my job! When I started, we had a part-time front office person who basically managed the office: ordered all the supplies, handled walk-in traffic, etc. We had an additional agreement with most of our office staff about divvying up the more menial tasks so that one person was never saddled with all of the dishes, cleaning the conference room, vacuuming, etc.

Our front office person left in early April of this year, so I have been covering this position for almost a year now now. I normally wouldn’t mind, but it’s starting to affect how I see my job. I took this position thinking it was be a step up (higher pay, more responsibility) from a previous front office position I had, and specifically took it because I knew I wouldn’t be “the” front office person (aka secretary).

However, dynamics have changed in the absence of a front office person. Menial things are starting to take up my time more and more. Coworkers make comments and requests of me now that are much different, like asking me if I can fix

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