I google my coworkers — is that weird?


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A reader writes:

I was recently dialed into a large internal meeting. Due to a recent merger, this was my team’s first time interacting with some of the members of our sister company. In parallel, my manager (Luke), another coworker (Leia), and I were messaging in a private group IM.

Luke asked Leia and me if we knew which time zone one of our newer coworkers was based out of. I did not think the question was odd since we are a global company and we were discussing scheduling a follow-up meeting. No one knew the answer, so I did a quick google search of “coworker name, company” and pasted the coworker’s LinkedIn tagline (including region and position at sister company) into the IM box with the commentary “used google.”

Both Luke and Leia seemed surprised that I would google a coworker. I then reiterated that while I occasionally googled coworkers, I only do so to find their LinkedIn profile. Sometimes I am interested in information like past jobs or university attended. I thought this was appropriate use as LinkedIn is a public and professional networking site. I don’t look deep into google history or look at any pages or social media that

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