I tell employers I’m the best candidate for the job, I was ghosted after paying for my own interview travel, and more


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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. I tell employers “I’m the ideal candidate for this role”

I regularly include the following claim into my job applications: “My skills and experience in X mean that I am the ideal candidate for this role.”

I have been criticized for doing this on the grounds of that it is not my place to make such a claim, their argument being that it’s for the employer to decide who will be the ideal candidate for a role and not me. I disagree. The whole point of a job application is to confidently assert your suitability and highlight how you are indeed the best candidate — backing your argument with examples. I find it helps to genuinely believe that I am indeed the best candidate. The employer is free to not select me but if they wish to make the wrong decision, that’s their prerogative.

Further to my point, politicians claim that they are the best person to represent me and companies claim that their products or services are the best solution to my problems. So why is it so wrong to make similar claims when job hunting?

The point of a job application is not

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