I’m about to go on medical leave, but I’m also hoping to take my long-delayed honeymoon


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A reader writes:

My husband and I eloped in December, and our dream honeymoon location is one where the weather at that time of year isn’t ideal, so we decided to push it back until August, our other anniversary. My coworkers even had a post-wedding show for me in which they had a money tree to contribute to our honeymoon fund.

In the intervening time (and honestly, for a very long time), I’ve struggled with severe chronic insomnia. I’ve used up the majority of my leave time (vacation and sick) on it, and am about to go on intermittent FMLA after a particularly bad month so that my job is protected during future flare-ups. My coworkers are supportive and understanding, and my boss understands but also feels very strongly that my attendance needs to improve. I agree, but until I can get under better treatment (I’m waiting for a specialist to open up), I’m at the mercy of my illness.

The nature of my particular beast is that when I have flare-ups I can either take a couple hours in the morning (usually after laying in bed for five to six hours, I can finally get some sleep) and catch a few hours

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