Is radical transparency right for your business?


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Radical transparency has drawn media attention in recent years, as more and more notable business leaders go public about making it part of their company cultures and processes. But what is it, exactly?

Radical transparency can be loosely defined as actions and approaches that radically increase the openness of organizational processes and data. This practice is intended to create an environment where people feel psychologically safe to communicate with one another directly.

It may not be something every organization will want to embrace. However, keeping all information on executive lockdown can result in an unproductive – and potentially stifling – environment for your business.

Why consider going transparent?

Trust, loyalty and commitment provide a solid foundation for any organization. With transparency, you stand to gain ground in each of those cornerstone elements, but it’s up to leadership to set the tone.

When business leaders can share what prompted decisions to be made, what the consequences will be, and who will be impacted by those consequences, it gives employees the confidence to keep moving forward and embrace change.

For example, say your management team decides to hire new staff or cross-train current staff. Sharing all information that impacts the internal team cuts down on the amount of

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