Job Interview Mistakes HR Managers Must Avoid


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While a job interview represents a process to examine candidates’ proficiency for the respective roles, it also offers the candidates an opportunity. Potential employees gain firsthand knowledge of your company’s culture and what to expect if employed. Hence, the assessment is not completely one-sided and job interview mistakes are not limited to the candidates.

The notion of being in-charge force most interviewers into ignoring the fact that the candidates are also assessing their companies; if it’s a place worth spending 40 hours weekly. And ignoring this fact could also be a sign that an HR manager is doing a terrible job.

Some HR managers give the candidates a wrong impression about their companies by not paying attention to the following:

Unwelcoming greetings

Regardless of how tired you are, giving off a hostile or unwelcoming vibe can be damaging and show that your company cares less about its workers. Candidates are at ease when hiring managers start the job interview by introducing themselves using a casual tone. That friendly atmosphere will encourage them to be more open and also give them an impression that your company is interested to know what they have to offer.

Poor facial expressions and body language

A friendly tone could be achieved

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