Job Interview Red Flags Employers Must Take Serious


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Job candidates who are not able to perform absolutely well in an interview are not necessarily the wrong candidates. This is because a few factors can deny your best candidate the ability to impress in an interview, that’s why a second interview is often used by most companies. However, there are interview red flags hiring managers must consider as clear signs to withdraw candidates from participating further in a recruitment process. Save yourself the stress of interviewing the wrong candidate if you notice any of the following red flags in an interview.

Badmouth former employer

You can be sure that candidates who badmouth former employer and coworkers during an interview can equally do the same while working for you. This is one of the top interview red flags strongly suggesting that the candidate lack the behavioral traits to work with a team and may have problems following instructions. Such candidates would also have no respect for their colleagues and lack qualities to last long in your office.

Poor attention

This interview red flag could be noticed by the candidates’ level of attention during the interview. Little distractions at the interview will win their attention, they will lack the eyeball contact and their general body

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