Millennial Employees Want Flexibility & Benefits. Can They Have It All?

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When Kaelin Priger, 26, interviewed for her current job as an environmental analyst in Atlanta, she was excited the company offered three weeks of vacation per year, plus overtime compensation in the form of paid time off, starting on day one.  

She lived abroad for several years, and the vacation policy meant she could visit friends in Turkey within her first five months of work. Priger called it “a dream.”

“I think as millennials, we are realizing that we can have a robust life outside of work that perhaps past generations didn’t grasp,” says Priger. “Maybe past generations thought that it was necessary to sacrifice more for your work than millennials are willing to. My parents were not surprised that a job would offer me no vacation for a whole year, but I was not willing to accept that.”

Priger isn’t alone. Now that millennials represent the largest generation in the nation’s labor force — with more joining every day — employers are competing in tight market for this young talent. Flexible work policies are a rising demand many companies are rushing to meet, as millennial employees seek greater freedom and work-life balance.

But even as millennial workers are granted

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