Mind the Gap: Can Technology Highlight Unconscious Bias To Achieve Gender Gap?


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Unconscious bias has established a big hole in gender balancing, particularly in the workplace. This leaves the men more considered for employment in various sectors more than the women, even when they both have similar performance credits. Employment statistics from various sectors in the labor market over the decade suggests that sex gap is continually widening significantly in many sectors. We can say its worst in the energy & mining, manufacturing, and software & IT services where women struggle to represent up to 25% of all employees according to a report from Global Gender Gap in 2017.

Employee gender diversity imbalance is really obvious that some multinational companies, especially in the technology industry, having admitted guilt, are putting up a fight to deal with the widening gender gap in hiring. Sadly, most of them have no positive result to share. However, there may be a bigger promise to closing the gender gap – the use of machine-learning products or AI for recruiting – a technology that has been proposed for quite some time now to attenuate bias hiring. Many would want to believe it’s ending with hype just because AI technology has already taking too long to prove a point on

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