More Ways to Communicate Culture During Recruiting

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In yesterday’s Advisor, we noted the fact that trying to assess whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for the organization is both difficult and important. Sometimes finding the right fit is even more important than finding the right skill set. We also noted that this assessment goes both ways—while the employer is assessing “fit,” so is the candidate. Today, let’s continue that discussion.

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How to Communicate the Organizational Culture During Recruitment (Continued)

  • At some point during the recruiting process, let the candidate know more about the physical working environment. If applicable and possible, show them the work space. How the work space is set up will show the candidate what the working environment is like. For example, is it set up as an open plan? Or as cubicles? Or are work stations kept separate from one another? What common areas are available? What type of break room area is provided?
  • When bringing someone in for an interview, pay attention to what they’ll see. Will they see décor and other things that give an indication of the working environment? What does the décor say about the company?
  • When outlining expectations, give information that speaks to the working
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