my boss got fired and won’t leave me alone


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A reader writes:

I have been at my job for about six months, and started during a time of major transition. I started just weeks before our new executive director started. The new director assessed the financials of our nonprofit social service organization and realized what a bad position we were in, and decided to make some major changes. This included eliminating the position of one of the long-time employees here, who also happened to be my direct manager. While it was definitely a decision for the financial well-being of the organization, it was clear that there were also some personal differences between my supervisor and the director that probably factored in.

The decision to let her go was a big shock to the rest of the organization, and my manager was absolutely blindsided. It was upsetting for everyone, but we accepted the change as growing pains and necessary for where the organization is headed, and we were told that the rest of our jobs were secure for the foreseeable future.

This is where it gets difficult. My former manager has not been able to let go. I really do feel for her, I know she has a compassionate heart for clients and

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