my boss is a raging alcoholic


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A reader writes:

A friend of mine has a situation that has left me bewildered, so we’re coming to you for help. He works as an administrative assistant for a very large, successful company, but his boss is a raging alcoholic. He goes out at lunch three or four times a week and comes back absolutely hammered. I’m not talking a few drinks over a meeting; I’m talking so drunk that everyone knows and gossips about it. The worst part is that he drives home every night, and there is just no way he is fit to get behind the wheel.

Not only is he an alcoholic, but he comes in late every morning, takes four-hour lunches, and leaves a lot of his high-level responsibilities to my friend to complete. He has also missed numerous meetings with staff and clients, and has even come back to meet with them wasted (slurring words/smelling heavily of it/lots of giggling). They do actually have a stellar relationship and my friend loves the boss, but it’s getting to the point that the absenteeism/drunkenness is really bogging him down. The boss’s boss has turned a blind eye to it, so he has gotten away with this behavior

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