my coworker gave my kid $20 and told him to keep it a secret


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A reader writes:

I have a predicament that I’m in and I’m not sure on how to approach the situation. Every day I have to pick up my son from school and bring him back to my job since they don’t provide after school care. This has all been approved by my boss. It’s been going on a couple months now and I haven’t had any problems until today.

I have a ex-supervisor (as in no longer my boss because of good reasons) who tends to overstep her boundaries, but I think this one tops the cake. Today, my son was sitting in the back minding his own business when she brings him some candy (no big deal as she’s asked before if I’ve minded and I said no). Then, she comes back and hands him something and tells him it’s their “little secret.” He comes over to my desk and hands me $20. I ask him where he got it and he said that my ex-supervisor gave it to him and told him it was their little secret.

How do I approach this with her? I want to explain that (1) she should never give money to a nine-year-old and (2) never

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