my coworker rejects any ideas that aren’t her own, then suggests them herself


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A reader writes:

I have a colleague (a peer) who fights a raging battle against any ideas that don’t originate from her. It’s actually to a point of absurdity.

Last week I suggested we make a process more efficient by dividing it into two steps. This change was implemented, and she called a meeting two hours after the change was in effect to explain what a hot mess this change had caused. I suggested we revert to the previous process and troubleshoot what the hot mess was. The two-step process fix was halted, and the troubleshooting instead was determined to be the initial problem with the first process.

I am writing to you right now while on a conference call with her where she just brilliantly suggested that our solution should be dividing the process into two steps. Her language was different (“two macro pools”) but it means exactly what I had initially suggested. There was a long silence and then she asked me if I was aligned, and I said I was. Someone else in the room not aware of the previous process change I had suggested actually called her a “hero” for this suggestion. Meanwhile, I got a bunch of texts

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