my coworkers keep complaining about me


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A reader writes:

I’m having a hard time fitting into the culture of my new office, and it’s starting to wear on me. I’m kind of unorthodox here for a number of reasons, including that I work later hours than everyone else (which was part of my offer negotiation) and I’m not shy about jumping right in, asking questions, and making changes. I’ve only ever gotten positive feedback on those traits from managers, so I don’t think I’m skirting the line into “pushy” or “rude.”

My manager and her bosses love me and love my work. It’s my coworkers who keep having problems with me: since I’ve been hired four months ago, my boss talked to me five times about complaints or questions others brought to her about my actions. This is about stuff like, “She comes and goes at odd hours,” (yes, which are approved by my manager), “She has visitors to her cubicle,” (yes, which isn’t disallowed and other people have visitors too), “She should run questions like that through the supervisor” (really, asking if you would mind turning off your cell chime is something a manager should have to weigh in on?), and “She’s asking too many questions, who

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